For my latest work I wanted to do two things: decontextualizing the word backlight (normally used for TV and computer screens) and make an abstract of the human body. For my first wish I was making textual associations on the word backlight – I really love language and her different possibilities. For me, it can also mean ‘a light on your back’. A few years ago I created a series with tens of human backs, and called it BACK UP!, so it would not be original to come up with another back. What if I used a person’s bottom? I thought. It’s also situated on the backside of a body, so that would make sense. But how to light a butt? I experimented with different angles, lights and models and found out how to do it in a way I liked it.

Then the abstraction of the human body. I so love it when colleagues create something new out of the human body. I mean: how many varieties are possible? The experiment mentioned above gave me the opportunity to use a minimum of light to create a maximum of abstraction. Funny enough the first thing I saw om my computer screen was not a human body, but the part of a plant or something like that. Anyway, Backlight was born.